Our Team - Experts of Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

Schucu GmbH is a modern company specialised on own products of high quality and newest technology, all made in Germany.


We offer special high efficient oil adsorbents due to superior technolgy. 

Hans-Henning Curths

  • Dipl. Wirt .-Ing. Mechanics and Economics Engineering, Paderborn University
  • Siemens Recycling Technologies Paderborn, Essen. Development of plastics sorting plant for electronic waste. Building up several companies for rubber recycling for example with new technologies to produce rubbber fiber out of fork lift truck tires.
  • GAV GmbH Rubber Recycling, Hövelhof. Recycling company for rubber waste from factories like Conti AG and from many recycling companies all around Germany. 2011 11.000 tons of rubber waste were recycled.
  • Schucu GmbH, Manufacturer of high efficient oil absorbents for water and road. High efficient new technology within special products for fire departmens, marine navy and offshore companies

Udo Reiher

  • Nixdorf Computers material storage planning
  • Sander Fenstertechnik purchasing manager
  • Oil absorbent producer company Öl Jäger: Development, production and sales management
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