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1. Complete Catalog

Schucu Product Catalog: oil spill mats, alternatives for solid barriers and absorbents for roads 2017
Catalog explains products and technology advantages of Schucu absorbents
Katalog 2017 Englischv2.pdf
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2. User Instruction Oil Binding Granulate

Instruction of use for schucu oil binding agent
Data sheet and instruction guide with further product infos of schucu oil binding sack material
Data Sheet Oil Binding Agent 12.12.16.pd[...]
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3. Safety Data Sheet Schucu Oil Binding Granulate

ESDB Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet version 09.12.2016
EU - Security data sheet - Schucu oil bi[...]
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Details Catalog Oil Absorbent - Oil Drip Mat

Get Infos about our water protection products serving several purposes:


  • Oil drip mats
  • Oil protection belts
  • Drag mats
  • Decontamination stations for trucks


and other....:

Infos oil drip mat- draggable for curreentwater
Product data sheet for oil absorbent mat for water: Application, features, exlanation of how it works, design and pictures
Produktdatenblatt Gewässermatte 27.09.17[...]
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Fire department wedel and environmental department Hamburg in action with Schucu oil drip mat

Please find summarized information about our oil absorbent for water and road:

  •      Specifications
  •      Applications
  •      Approvals
  •      Instructions for use

The catalog information in detail is about

  • Schucu oil binder for road and water in bags
  • Water oil drip mat                                                          - fit for lakes, rivers and the sea
  • Workshop oil absorbent mat                                         - professional clean work - accident preventage
Data Sheet oil absorbing barrier belt
Belt stops and absorbs oil at the same time. Best choice where solid barriers do not work and to whom it matters that solid barriers cost ten times as much and do not work in water faster than v=0,33 m/s
Data Sheet Schucu Oil Absorbing Barrier [...]
PDF-Dokument [892.8 KB]
Schucu workshop mat with leakage protection
Oil drip mat with safety layer
Heavy safety mat for tough work. It is possible to drive on with trucks e.g. to decontaminate. The length is up to 25 m, width is 0,3 to 1,4 m; weight: 3,7 m/sqm. Oil absorbent capacity tested MPA: 10 L/sqm
Details oil drip mat with safety layer.p[...]
PDF-Dokument [332.3 KB]
Schucu oil absorbent for road and water, here with firedepartment Asperg Fire department Asperg with schucu oil absorbent in action
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