oil absorbent mats drawn with 2,5 knots, Amsterdam Interspill 2015

Wellcome To Innovative Schucu Oil Absorbent - Water Protection Products

Fields of Application

  • Overtanking in port     
  • Oil spill in the lock     
  • Oil in canal or river     
  • Diesel in the lake     
  • Crude oil near the beach


All that you can drag out of the water with our oil drip mats and blocking belts, clean and fast!


We will come for a presentation to you directly if we can help with this. Just contact us!

All in one view! Schucu Product Information complete in English
English version of Schucu oil absorbent catalog. Explains technology and gives product details, pictures and references. Englische Version des Schucu Ölbinder Kataloges
product catalog 2015 engk.pdf
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What is the difference to standard oil binding agents?

Compared to standard oil binders Schucu oil adsorbent performs better with:

  • approval for street and water
  • appr. 50 % more capacity*
  • water resistance
  • faster reactions
  • best results even with high viskosity oil, fat, colours..
  • less dust with highest density of 595 g/L

Just compare to your oil absorber and you will see the difference!!!!

*Depends on parameters like viscosity and other ....



Look to our products, technical details, certificates and advantages here:

Product catalogue

Why is Schucu oil adsorbent better?

Schucu oil adsorbent works with special granules. They have a surface on which the pollution is bounded very fast and strong. It works with van der Waalse power, molecular forces. It adsorbs the pollution immediately and keeps it bounded. Adsorbtion is a surface phenomen.


In this way we are even possible to work in curling waters or rivers and the sea. We now have mats to be dragged by boats too with a width of up to 12 m.


Normally oil binding agents work with the physical principle of a sponge with pores. The pores absorb pollution fluids.


The pollution has to find its way into the pores and stays bounded more or less. Depending on the pore geometric parameters partly the material leaks out again. Handling is heavy and dragging is not possible. Working in curling water is not possible.


So look to our videos to see dragged mats!



What kind of products does Schucu offer to you?

We have three kinds of products:


  • Absorber in 15 kg sacks
  • oil adsorbent mats in 1 m wide barrier for the sea,
  • oil adsorbent barriers of hundreds of meters lengths
  • oil drip mats with leak prevention for the use in workshops and mashines.


All our products are approved by the environmental office UBA in Germany. Tests were made for physical functions and certificatiofor occupational medical and environmental analysis.

1. Street oil binding agent, approved for street and water (Type I, II III R)

Quality, Characteristics:

  • density 595 g/l
  • water resist
  • binds appr. 30 L/kg agent depending on viskosity
  • elastomer-mineralic material
  • governmental approval  for use in water, on the street
schucu oil adsorbent approved for street and water

Who are the customers of Schucu oil adsorbent?

Our customers are

  • marines
  • oil refineries
  • fire departments
  • communities
  • oil spill fighting companies
  • coast guards
  • automobile and chemical industry
  • steel industry
  • workshops
Oil drip mat Wedel 2013, simple and safe handling
test for swimming of oil binding mat with safety belt from fire department ship Hamburg, January 2013

3. Workshop oil drip mat with leakage protection

For top service and clean ground you can choose our workshop oil drip mat, filled with oil absorbent and with a leakage protection foil in different sizes like 1 sqm or 0,25 sqm or in rolls. Each sqm holds aprox. 10 L of diesel.

workshop oil drip mat with oil absorbent and leckage protection sheet

You want to see more pictures? Look here in our picture galery!

2. Oil Adsorbent Mat filled with oil binding agent, class approved SF I, II

Fleece mat filled with oil binding agents, SF special design as:

  • approx. 3 kg/sqm heavy mats
  • wave stabilisator
  • swimming cushions
  • safety belts and hooks to connect and handle
  • 1-25-100-1.000 m long chained together
  • 1-2-3-9 m wide barrier area
  • governmental approval

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